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Beyond Beaches: Exploring Sierra Leone’s Thriving Hiking Trails


While Sierra Leone’s beaches draw the spotlight, the country unfolds a tapestry of attractions beyond the shores. Nature, mountains, and hiking trails offer compelling reasons to explore and discover the hidden gems within our borders.

Hiking is gaining momentum as a prominent activity in Sierra Leone, with new trails continually being unveiled across the country. It presents an excellent avenue to depart from the bustle of Freetown, delving into nature just a stone’s throw away from the capital or immersing oneself for days, unraveling the cultural and biodiversity richness of Sierra Leone.

Here, we present three of the most captivating hiking trails in Sierra Leone, each offering its own unique adventure.

Top 3 Hiking Trails in Sierra Leone

1. Picket Hill: A Day of Adventure

Picket Hill stands as an adventurous day trip beckoning from Freetown. Nestled within the Western Area Peninsula Forest, merely an hour away from the capital, this trail offers two distinctive itineraries to reach its summit. Most guided tours follow one path upwards and the other downwards, allowing hikers to savor diverse viewpoints and ecosystems.

As the hike commences through the rainforest, the verdant canopy gradually gives way to breathtaking vistas encompassing sprawling hills, forests, and, on clear days, glimpses of Freetown and the coast. However, this trail demands the guidance of a knowledgeable local and should never be attempted without one.

2. Leicester Peak: A Hidden Gem

While many opt to drive up Leicester Peak for sunset panoramas or to admire Freetown’s skyline, a lesser-known adventure awaits those willing to hike. Beginning from the US Embassy, a 40-minute trek unveils narrow mountain roads and trails leading to the pinnacle.

Upon reaching Leicester Peak’s summit, a breathtaking panorama unfolds: Freetown sprawls beneath you, the Atlantic Ocean stretches into the horizon, while the encompassing rainforest adds a touch of mystique. A word of caution, though—watch for occasional cars navigating the narrow trails.

3. Tiwai Heritage Trail: A Cultural Odyssey

Tiwai Island Heritage Trail offers an unparalleled journey through the diverse ecosystem of Tiwai Island, far from the trodden paths. Spanning 50 kilometers, this trail traverses the eight communities residing on Tiwai Island, granting an immersive experience into Mende culture.

Covering this trail takes approximately 4 to 5 days, incorporating dugout canoe crossings and stays in rainforest camps or Mende villages. While most visitors limit their Tiwai Island experience to a day or two, embarking on the Tiwai Heritage Trail presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to deeply engage with Mende culture, empowering local communities along the way.

Beyond the allure of quick beachside retreats, Sierra Leone’s hiking trails offer an invitation to unravel the country’s cultural tapestry and natural wonders, revealing a side waiting to be explored and cherished.

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