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Undoubtedly, all of us are keen to keep our dream home perfect in all senses by experimenting with one or another accessory. Here in this blog, we will discuss ceiling lights and flower vases and how they can impact the look and ambiance of your home or office. Perfect choice and smart deployment can do wonders to the interiors of your home or office. 

Vases can transform your house or office drastically. If you are looking for one, there are various types of vases from which you can choose.

Tiny or tall vase

You have to be very smart while opting for the size of flower vases. If you are looking vases for a shelf or living room wardrobe, go for a taller one. Maybe, 25-30 cm, one will do as it will catch the attention of your visitors or guests in office or home. Furthermore, if you are considering one for your dining table or center table, choose a small one as you surely would not want a vase to obstruct the view of your guests during dinner or meeting.

Shape does matter

Flower vases are available with both broad and small mouths. Usually, a taller one comes with a small mouth, whereas a tiny one has a wide mouth. One should prefer the vase mouth according to their choice of flowers. For instance, if you want to place many flowers, you should choose a flower vase with a wider mouth. On the other hand, you should go with a small mouth vase to place one or two larger branches of the flowers.

Illuminating your home or office with suitable ceiling lights is very important to get the desired impact. Let us try and explore a few aspects of the same here.

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Do ceiling lights require a false ceiling?

Well, this is a very tricky call. Ceiling lights such as chandeliers and strips can be mounted directly into the ceiling. But at the same time, a perfect false ceiling can enhance the lighting with impactful illumination in your home or office. 

Types of ceiling lights

  • Chandeliers are one of the oldest to be used even when the electricity was not there. It used to be illuminated with candles. Though the shape and design of chandeliers have changed during the evolution, only the grace remained unchanged. Chandeliers are the perfect choice for at least 10-12 ft high ceilings. 
  • Track lights can be seen nowadays in every modern house or office. These are used to highlight a specific piece of article or decor. The track lights are bulbs that usually come in 3–9-watt bulbs. Alternatives of track lights are rail lights and focus lights. One thing to remember here is that the fitting and focus of the track lights should be wisely done to get the desired illumination and perfect look. 

Wrapping up

Whether home or office, a proper selection of ceiling lights and flower vases can constantly do wonders, a slight mistake in this context can be a disaster. Hence, if you are not a professional, seek expert advice and proceed accordingly. 

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