How To Use Coconut Scraper?


One of the primary and fundamental ingredients in the majority of south Indian recipes is coconut. The coconut does give the meal a distinctive flavor. But the most tedious task is scraping a coconut. When we need to use the coconut but don’t have the right instrument to scrape it, it creates a problem. The coconut is a challenging item, and getting the coconut scrap requires a lot of work. Traditional scraping instruments were difficult to use and extremely ineffective. They were also prone to accidents. However, we will discuss two methods to scrape coconut in our blog.

Use of Coconut Scraper

The coconut scraper resembles a little tool; it has a handle on one side and a scraper attached to it. The scraping procedure can be carried out with simplicity and with very little effort. The suction base of the coconut scrapper gives it a tight grip on the floor. This thus aids in keeping the scrapper stable while scraping the coconut and produces the optimum outcome.

The scraper is roughly 5 to 6 inches tall and has a stainless steel body. Two hands are pointing in the opposite direction at the top of the main body. The handle to turn the blades is in one hand, while the scrapper is in the other. Simply place the half-cut coconut over the blades and rotate them with your other hand while holding the handle. The crumb of coconut will easily be produced for you by the scrapper’s motion. 

The handle doesn’t get out of hand and is really simple to hold. This is the handle on the scrapper’s major benefit. The scraping operation is particularly smooth because the scrapper’s blades are constructed of tough, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. One can catch the scraps of coconut by placing a bowl or plate underneath the blades. This entire process is far more efficient than traditional ways. A juicer attachment is also included with the coconut scraper.

A variety of fruits can have their juice extracted with the juicer attachment. So you can accomplish a number of tasks with a single item. One of the challenging tasks we see in the kitchen has been significantly simplified by the best coconut scrapers. The scrapper gains a completely new dimension thanks to the juicer. Coconut scraper is no longer a nightmare. 

For many women, chopping coconut into fine pieces is one of the most tiresome duties. Especially considering that it may be a daily chore. Unfortunately, a handful of grated coconut must be used in practically every preparation in the Malayali kitchen every day. Here are two quick manual ways to remove the coconut flesh from the shell. The good news is that you can use these techniques without even a coconut scraper! 

Freeze The Coconut

Take a husked coconut. Make it as smooth as you can by eliminating all the last shreds of husk. After that, freeze the coconut for 12 hours with a cover on. Take the coconut outside 30 minutes prior to the required time. Or, in an emergency, just thaw the frozen coconut by submerging it in water for ten minutes. Now, a knife or the more powerful machete can be used to effortlessly crack open this frozen coconut.

It will readily break open if you simply tap it along the hard line along the shell with the dull side of the knife. You can store it for later use, particularly when developing appams. Just use a knife to easily separate the coconut meat from the shell at this point. Scrape off the brown skin with a regular peeler or knife if it adheres to the white meat. The working ladies might benefit much by freezing the coconut that has been thus grated using this simple method.

The Second Approach

Two portions of a coconut can be cracked. Next, hold one half over a stove’s open flame with cooking tongs. Make sure to evenly cook the shell’s surfaces. The flesh will easily split from the shell once it has reached a high temperature.

Separate the flesh from the shell using a knife, then chop it into small pieces so that it can be crushed in a mixer. This technique will be helpful if you need the coconut right away or if you neglect to freeze it. The scrapings might not be as white as in the first approach since the dark skin on the flesh might still be there.

These highlighted methods can help you to easily scrape the coconut and enjoy delicious meals in a span of minutes.

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